MRCPI Part 2 September 2021

The course is delivered over 10 weeks and is divided into several lectures that vary in length from 120 to 180 minutes.

Our MRCPI exam preparatory Courses covers all aspects of the curriculum enabling you to revise questions which accurately reflect what you will face on exam day. we will give you a minimum exam guidance, revision format with feedback and examination technique tips. There will be a full mock exam with review at the end of the course. The course also includes guideline discussion, lectures and small group teaching.

Dr. FATH is extremely keen on teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. he is currently working as assistant professor and consultant and have experience in Postgraduate Medical Education.

An exam-oriented course

    We cover the entire syllabus

  •     Comprehensive coverage of SBA (Single Best Answer)
  •     Extensive exam-based SBAs, covering topics from recent and past exams
  •     Past papers 2016-2019
  •     Mock tests under exam conditions
  •     Topic test for each module
  •     Question predictions, techniques, and model answers
  •     Techniques for intensive revising as well as effective mark-scoring in SBAs 
  •     We supply comprehensive delegate notes 
  •     TOG summary for MRCPI
  •     Interactive tuition with individual feedback
  •     We provide essential exam tips and recent and relevant updates
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